Anger Management

Anger is an emotion!

It is actually a normal emotion. Everyone experiences anger to a certain extent; similar to other emotions you can experience anger and not know it. Anger can be causing behaviors that create difficulties in our interactions with other people.

Anger, when chronic, causes difficulties in our body and brain. It can stem from many different sources, including  childhood experiences. You may have an anger filter that is too narrow or too wide.

A narrow filter means we perceive other peoples actions as threatening, demeaning, neglectful, or frustrating. Almost every behavior on the part of others seems to provoke our fear and anger.

If you have a wide filter you may not be aware that there are certain situations in which you need to
set boundaries against other peoples behavior.

Note: you can't always tell whether your filter is wide or narrow:

  1. Do other people perceive you as angry or difficult?
  2. Do you often feel angry, frustrated, or annoyed?
  3. Do you feel victimized?
  4. Do you have difficulty accepting other people's point of view?
  5. Do you equate anger with strength?
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