Sex Addiction and Partners Issues

Sex Addiction is conceived of as a pattern of out-of-control sexual behavior. Although there are many, many “faces” of sex addiction, the particular behaviors a person exhibits are obsessive and uncontrollable. As with other addictions, the sex addict acts out regardless of consequences--some of which can be life-threatening. Addiction to sexual activity interferes with all other aspects of the person’s life as excessive amounts of time are spent in being sexual, pursuing sexual outlets, or recovering from sexual experiences. Some of these pursuits are high-risk; all are destructive. The sex addict experiences severe mood changes and copes with life through sexual obsession and fantasy. The addiction and it’s symptoms have a devastating effect on the addict’s family.

The particular nature of sex addiction can be especially confusing and traumatic for the committed partners or spouses of the addict. Some forms of sexual addiction can also affect the partner with life-threatening consequences.