Sex Addiction and the Family

Are you or is someone in your family struggling with sexual compulsiveness? Are you feeling hopeless, confused, out-of control, isolated, ashamed? Are you fearful that you will never move out of despair and pain?

Addiction is a family disease, everyone is impacted. Partners may feel as if they "are doing time in someone else's life". They may feel ashamed--keeping this "secret" from children and friends. They feel betrayed, yet often wonder if they are to blame.

There is a way out, whether you are the addict or the family member who is affected by the addict/s behavior. Help may be a phone call away. That phone call is the step out of isolation and fear; it is a step towards your Self.

Both the addict and his/her family need a place to tell their stories, grieve, feel their feelings and acquire the tools to heal and repair their lives.

Services offered:
  • Assessment and Treatment Plan
  • Individual Counseling
  • Couples and Family Counseling
  • Partner's Group
    • Eliminates isolation and secrecy
    • Offers personal support
    • Creates a safe place for the exploration of feelings/values/beliefs/identity
    • Fosters a sense of self apart from the addict
    • Reveals the fallacy of control and allows for movement towards an authentic life.